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Typical Tuscan appetizers, home-made pici topped with white duck sauce. Chianina beef cooked on the grill, rabbit in pork, truffles and mushrooms are just some of the typical dishes of the Baraccotto restaurant. However, this is not enough for chef Brjan.


His passion for cooking, his attention to traditions, the careful selection of raw materials, meat, vegetables, have led him over the years to wisely combine ancient flavors with a light and innovative cuisine.

Mixed bruschetta

Handmade pici with white Boar ragout

Grilled fillet with sauteed pioppini mushrooms

Chef Brjan is a person who does not like expected things. He dares, interprets, no limits are set. He is an artist and plays with the typical products of Tuscany.

He chooses the products, he works them and creates a dish full of innovative traditions.


He is always careful to change but with an eye towards the past in full respect of traditions. He creates dishes that are works of art where nothing is left to chance, the appearance, the aromas, the flavors come together in a mix to be savored.

At the Baraccotto Restaurant you can satisfy your senses. For example, start with the Tuscan black crouton and follow with homemade tagliatelle or pici. You can immerse yourself in that harmony of aromas and flavors of truffle fillet …

The 3 specially created menus give emotions for every need:

the Tasting Menu, for those who want a complete dinner to not miss anything.

the Tourist Menu for a lighter experience that leaves nothing to chance.

the Vegetarian Menu that expertly satisfies even the most demanding palates.


What else to say?
Enjoy your meal!!!

Every dish is a work of art